Complaint Escalation Process

In regular course we take all kind of Complaint queries from customers through our contact-us page and just select "Complaint" from the drop down menu of Choose Department and submit your formal complaint to us. OR you can also choose to send us email with full details of your complaint, and we are committed to resolve this query within 12 to 24 hours on our working hours and 24 to 48 hours on non working hours. We try to maintain this level of customer service commitment but in-spite of that If you are not satisfied with the resolutions provided by our complaint care team or not provided any support in given time limit then you can escalate the issue further as explained in steps provided below :

If your complaints are regarding .IN KYC issue then please refer these links before you file the complaint :

Step 1. Go to this step, only when you already received reply from our support on your complaint and if you are not satisfied with resolutions OR not received timely resolutions of your complaint then ONLY follow the steps here. Please send us email to our Nodal Office at [email protected] with details of your previous support ticket(s) and details why are you unsatisfied with resolutions ?. This is NODAL Officer level complaint escalation process

Step 2. If you are still unsatisfied with resolutions in Step 1 by our NODAL OFFICER then our customer care department (Nodal Officer) on your request will provide you with the email or website url of respective registries or offices to go further on this issues.

Important Info :

A. In case of any dispute or complaints, we strongly suggest you to go through our Complaint Escalation Process . Which is a mandatory process as per Domain Name Registry as well as our product offering policy, If you avoided or try to bypass this process and directly contacting any LEA or Registry then we cannot consider any kind of refund or release of suspension from the products/ services. Then you should wait for that particular agencies verdict. Please note that this Complaint Escalation Process with Nodal Officer's appointment is started due to Delhi High Court orders to all Domain Name Registrars and in regular course by avoiding this process you will not yield any results with any agencies.

B. Also During or Before this Escalation Process if you go on any public forums/Non Govt. Agency or publish our internal communications (including Emails, Intellectual Property, Logo, exposing contact info and personal / staff contacts etc.) without our permissions are also be considered as violation of our Registrant and Services Agreement. We will immediately terminate the Escalation Process (if in process) without further notice and in that case Customer/ Reseller can seek the help of Court of Law or any other LEA with his/her grievances.

In case of Urgency : Legal support for Infringement and Legal Issues, Please Call us on Given Contact Number mentioned on Contact Us page, Also Send us email on our Legal email id mentioned on Contact Us page Legal Section.

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Complaint Escalations